5 Reasons Website Are Vital For Businesses

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In the latest Monthly Internet Subscribers Data released for the month of June 2017 by NCC on its website last  Wednesday, the number of internet users in Nigeria’s telecommunications networks has increased to approximately 91.6 million in June showing an increase of 33,747 from the last data released in May 2017. ( May 91,565,010  June 91,598,757. With this growing number of Internet users in the country it is only wise for businesses to embrace the digital age and take advantage of it to reposition their enterprise for success before it is too late.

You may say it better to run a lean operation, focus only on perceived necessities, spend money only when you have to especially on traditional business structure forms. This has led many to believe that having a website is a luxury and not a necessity as it is; especially in this new age where people will rather transact or seek information online rather than at actual stores or offices

Your website acts as a store, shop, office where customers can learn more about your company get product/ service information and determine if they want to do business with you. You need to realize that a website isn’t an expensive luxury but a fundamental tool that your company needs.


A website helps position your business to new customers.

A website makes it possible for new customers who have never heard about your business to connect with you, this in addition to your clients base if you already have one increase your chances for success. At the beginning of this article we established a fact about the increasing number of internet users in Nigeria, where do you think they will go when in need of information about a product or service? The internet of course the internet does not only expose you to potential customers in Nigeria but all over the world so your reach is limitless.

Having a professional website position and exposes your business as a solution to your potential customers.


A website sells your products.

A website is a collection of related web pages including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name and published on a web server. Think of your website as a digital brochure or online catalogue that your customers and millions of potential customers has access to any time and any day at their fingertips with up-to-date information. This makes sales easier for you and your team because it guides potential buyers to the products and services they need.


Having a website builds credibility.

Millions of people google various products and services on the internet everydays before making a buying decision, if a business has a well packaged online presence, it builds trust in the heart of every potential customer as they believe you are main stay to have invested in such a structured website.  On the other hand not having a strong online presence creates an impression that your company is outdated and untrustworthy. This is what happens when someone learns about your products or service, take to the Internet to get more info only to be disappointed by not finding anything on you, you’ll automatically miss out on that customers potential business.

It’s so important to have a strong and professional website that gives your customers confidence to do business with.

If you want to be taking serious then your website must speak the same.


Website makes it possible to reach wider market

As at 30th June 2017 Africa has 388,376,491 internet users at a penetration rate of 31.2% meaning there is still so much potential to be tapped in the African market. It doesn’t matter if you are a solution or product provider, if your company is a start up or a fortune 500, a website will help you reach a larger expanse of potential customers you would naturally be unable to reach especially due to geographical reasons and the cost of opening shop in various locations. Don’t forget the world has gone online don’t be left behind join the trend take advantage of it to move your business to its next phase.  Cars, houses, furniture etc are now sold online, hotels are booked online even churches now pay tithes and donates online, WEMA bank just launched a digital bank call ALAT.

Do you still think you can’t sell your products or services online; embrace the future before it is too late.


Websites are affordable

At create studioz we create awesome, affordable and well-structured websites tailored to the need of our clients. This we do by first trying to understand the business for which the website is to be commissioned, then list out the main features that will be required to serve that business thus reducing unnecessary cost that would have been associated with logging up all other fancy features that the business does not need thus making it more affordable to business owners and startups.

We create website that are easy for you to manage and maintain even if you are not tech-savvy.

Take my advice, Don’t kill your business with excuses to put off getting a website for your company today, you’ve hurting your business. It’s time to aid it!




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